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How Physio Can Help Your Golf Swing

Golf is one of a few sports that people of all ages and skill levels can play together. Unfortunately like all sports, injuries can occur while playing, with the low back being the most common injury reported by golfers.

According to a review of the golf injury research by McHardy, Pollard, & Luo in 2006, they found that the low back accounted for 23.7 – 34.5% of all golf related injuries. 

Furthermore, they compared the swings of amateurs and professionals, finding that amateurs had increased variability of their swing, while professionals produced a nearly identical swing each time they played a full shot.

Thus, the increased variability of the amateurs’ swings led to greater muscle activity and load in the low back, potentially leading to an injury.

So how can Physio help?

Physiotherapists like to think of the body as alternating mobile and stable segments that all need to work together to produce movement.

The problem is that due to repetitive movements (sittings, standing, walking in a straight line) we often lose mobility in certain segments of the body such as the hips and thorax. Forcing other segments nearby like the low back to try and take up the slack leading to dysfunctional movement patterns and potential injury risk.

Interestingly the Titleist Performance Institute found that restricted hip and thorax mobility were two of the most common findings in amateur male golfers.

So by booking an appointment for physiotherapy we can assess your mobility and determine if there are any segments of your body that are limiting your golf swing and leading to dysfunctional movement patterns.  Not only will I help to improve your alignment, biomechanics and control, we will also bridge the gap between rehab and performance, taking your golf game to the next level.

Physiotherapy at Chilliwack Golf Academy

Chilliwack Golf Academy has welcomed Jeff Rolland as our new, resident physiotherapist. Jeff is an evidence-based physiotherapist bridging the gap between rehab and performance.

Utilizing a blend of manual therapy, intramuscular stimulation (IMS), and exercise Jeff will help you recover from any and all injuries and help your golf game.

Click below to book an appointment with Jeff Rolland, MPT, BSc. Kin (Hons), IMS, TPI Certified.

Book an Appointment Now.

McHardy, A., Pollard, H., & Luo, K. (2006). Golf injuries: A review of the literature. Sports Medicine, 36(2), 171-187

Titleist Performance Institute. (2018). Physical screening: Unlocking the body’s potential. TPI Nevada Star I

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Rainy Chilliwack Golf Club Wedding

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Photos by Cara Laywah Photography:


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Chilliwack Golf Academy Welcomes Resident Physiotherapist

The Chilliwack Golf Academy is happy to welcome Jeff Rolland as our new, resident physiotherapist.

Jeff is an evidence-based physiotherapist bridging the gap between rehab and performance.

Jeff’s intent is to get people of all ages and activity levels moving again through the integration of physiotherapy with strength & conditioning principles. Utilizing a blend of manual therapy, intramuscular stimulation (IMS), and exercise Jeff will help you recover from any and all injuries.

Jeff implements a systematic approach to treating and training all his clients through:

-Detailed 1:1 assessments of mobility, strength, speed and power
-Objective measures that are constantly reassessed
-Individualized programming based on each client’s unique needs

Jeff has completed additional training in:

-Athletic Power Development
-Blood Flow Restriction Training
-Intramuscular Stimulation (IMS)
-Running Mechanics
-Sports Medicine
-Titleist Performance Institute Certified

Jeff's first day will be Saturday April 10 and we now have a fully functional physiotherapy room at the Academy.

Click below to book an appointment with Jeff Rolland, MPT, BSc. Kin (Hons), IMS, TPI Certified.

Book an Appointment Now.

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The History of Our Club

The Early Years

In 1956, a group of friends and golfing buddies had a dream to build a golf course. They were Art Holden, Roy Gleig, Len Butchart, Gordon Hutton, Gordon McKay and John Gillis. Soon, meetings were held. Others became very interested. A society was formalized and in 1957, Chilliwack Golf and Country Club was born.

A site for the proposed golf course was selected. It was the 115 acre Franz Zink farm. (An additional 10 acres was purchased later.) The purchase price was $50,000. This sum was financed from the sale of shares at a price of $200 each together with an issue of debentures sold to some of the members. Additional funds were obtained from a bank, secured by the personal guarantees from Directors and some of the members. 

Course Design

The initial course design work was done by Vancouver professional Ernie Brown. Construction of the golf course began in 1957. The tees and greens were roughed in with a bulldozer donated by a local heavy equipment company. A month later, all the tees and greens were hand raked and fine tuned in a single day by a volunteer crew of 150 workers. Over 5000 trees, donated by local logging companies and the British Columbia Forest Service were planted by volunteers.

The club house was designed by the architect Albert Anderson and built by McKenzie Brothers Construction owned by Dan and George McKenzie, two members of the club. Personal guarantees signed by the McKenzie brothers, George Auld, Doctor Bob Patton and others secured the loan needed to complete the club house. Funds for much of the furniture were generated by teas, bake sales, book sales, bridge parties and other functions organized by the Ladies Section. Al Jeffery was also instrumental in raising funds for furniture and club house furnishing. 

First Election

The first Club President elected was Roy Gleig who shortly thereafter resigned to become the club's first Professional. Doctor Bob Patton, who played such a major role in the early days, replaced Mr. Gleig as President. The first Men's Captain was Art Holden. The first Ladies Captain was Kay Winch. The first Ladies Club Champion was Maureen Auld and the first Men's Club Champion was Bob Wright. 

10 Years

In 1968, the Club celebrate the 10th Anniversary with an open house. Pictured above are the Presidents that headed the Executive Board for the first 10 years of operation and helped make Chilliwack Golf Club the success it is today.

Meet the Membership

Meet: Victor Ewert

Do your golf "buddies" have a nickname for you, what is it?
No, not that I know of.

What year did you join Chilliwack Golf Club?

What is your career best score at Chilliwack Golf Club, what tee box were you playing and who were you playing with?
My best score was a 78 from the blue tees, playing with same old guys.

How many holes-in-one have you recorded?

What is your favorite golf club in your bag and why?
Five wood, straighter than most.

Which hole at Chilliwack Golf Club is your favorite and why?
Hole #12, great view of Cheam range

Other than Chilliwack Golf Club, what is your favorite golf course you've ever played and why?
Kauai because of great ocean views and is was only $8.

If you could only play one more round of golf and you could pick anyone to play with (alive or deceased) where would you play and who would you play with?
With grandsons at Sandpiper

Who is your favorite "on-tour" professional golfer?
Payne Stewart, classy guy all around.

What is your most memorable round of golf and why?
A round at Acquadel when my son had a hole in one (on the fly).

What is your favorite golf joke or golf saying?
You’re not good enough to get mad.

Any other interesting golf stories you would like to add?
When my buddy’s golf cart got out of range for his remote on hole 12 ,it headed right into the water. End of game!

Thank You Victor for sharing some golf moments with us, and for being a member at Chilliwack Golf Club since 1995!