We are looking forward to hosting you and your group for a memorable and safe golf tournament at Chilliwack Golf Club. 

We ask that each participant (golfer, vendor, volunteer, organizer) reviews the following information prior to coming to play in a tournament or event at Chilliwack Golf Club.


Chilliwack GC provides Player's Asssistants (PA's or Course Marshals) to assist you during your round of golf. PA's are not meant to be intimidating, their primary objective is to make sure you are having fun, being safe and respecting the golf course and your fellow golfers.  They are tasked with making sure everyone abides by the following policies and will provide feedback if and when a situation arises. 

If you need assistance during your round of golf, please waive down a PA and they will assist as best as possible.



Chilliwack Golf Club has established dress code guidelines so that golfers can enjoy the facility in a manner that is considered respectful to all users of our club.

Permitted Attire for Men:

  • Shirt with collar and sleeves. A collar can include a mock neck.
  • Tailored pants, rain paints or golf shorts.

Permitted Attire for Women:

  • Shirts with either a collar or sleeves or both.
  • Tailored pants, rain paints, capri pants, golf skirts, dress, skorts and shorts.
  • Tights, leggings and yoga pants must be covered by a skirt, dress, skort or shorts.

General Golf Course Requirements:

  • Skirts, dresses, skorts and shorts must extend below mid-thigh.
  • Un-tucked shirts are permitted and must be hemmed or finished.
  • Appropriate footwear for golf must be worn at all times.

Items Not Permitted on the Golf Course:

  • Jeans/denim are not permitted
  • Tops: athletic tee shirts (short and long sleeve), tank tops, muscle shirts, spaghetti style tops, bare midriff, sports jerseys, workout attire and shirts with slogans, numbers or illustrations.
  • Bottoms: sweatpants, uncovered tights/leggings, athletic bottoms, tennis shorts, rugby pants, cut-offs, cargo pants/shorts (with outside expandable pockets).
  • Items that are worn, torn, old or dirty.



Tournament golf cart rentals should be reserved through to the tournament organizer. Please do not contact the golf shop to reserve a golf cart unless directed by the tournament organizer. 

Golf cart operators and the tournament organizer are financially responsible for any damages to golf carts. 

The following guidelines must be followed when operationg a golf cart.

  • Keep all four tires on the cart path when parking near greens and tees.
  • Golf carts must stay on the paths on all par 3’s
  • Check at the first tee for cart rule: Cart Path Only | 90 Degree Rule | Scatter
  • Adhere to signs on the fairway directing golf carts to the path or tree line
  • Attempt to drive golf carts in the rough or tree line to avoid excessive wear and tear on the fairways
  • Avoid areas on fairways that appear wet, soft or newly seeded
  • Return golf cart and key to Golf Shop staff when your round is complete
  • Don’t Forget: Replace Divots, Fix Ball Marks & Rake Bunkers!

Please return golf carts to the area outside of the Golf Shop following play. 



  • No personal alcoholic beverages are permitted to be consumed on Chilliwack GC property; this includes within vehicles. Chilliwack GC identifies all alcoholic beverages with a unique label. 
  • Any alcoholic beverages not purchased from Chilliwack Golf Club will be confiscated. Confiscated beverages will be returned to the rightful owner the next day.
  • No alcoholic beverages are permitted to be consumed in the parking lot or outside of a designated licensed area. Unlicensed areas are indicated by signage.
  • Chilliwack GC reserves the right to refuse alcoholic beverages to anyone who appears under the age of 19 (without valid identificaiotn) or in the sole opinion of the staff and management, appears to be intoxicated.



  • There is ample free parking at C.G.C.
  • You and your guests are welcome to park in the paved or gravel lots at C.G.C.
  • Loading and unloading can be done at the entrance of the Canex Pavilion or Golf Shop.  However, please limit the time to less than 1 hour for loading or unloading. 
  • Please do not park on the grass and respect the areas marked “Reserved”.  



Chilliwack GC Player’s Assistants have full authority to maintain our pre-determined pace-of-play of four-hours and fifteen minutes. Failure of groups to maintain our pace-of-play could result in groups being asked to advance to the next hole. For shotgun starts, be prepared to add 30 to 60 minutes to the regular pace-of-play. 



Tournaments will commence as scheduled unless the Golf Course Superintendent of Greens determines the course to be unplayable. Thunder, lightning and other extreme weather may result in pausing the event. Tournament play shall proceed following the pause. No refunds will be issued in these circumstances.



Chilliwack GC has a small fleet of rental clubs available on a first come, first serve basis. Please visit the golf shop prior to your round (or tournament organizer) to request a rental set. Chilliwack GC will require personal identificaiton to "sign-out" rental equipment. 



  • Chilliwack GC reserves the right to inspect and monitor the event and discontinue services to all guests, vendors and suppliers in the case of any violations of Club policy or Provincial law.
  • Chilliwack GC assumes no responsibility for any loss, theft or damage to goods, property and/or equipment brought into the facility by the organizer, guests, vendors and suppliers. 
  • Chilliwack GC and its staff will not be held liable for damages or expenses in connection with personal injury, illness or accident resulting from the guests, vendors or suppliers’ use of the venue.
  • Chilliwack GC assumes no responsibility for any allergic reactions caused by supplied food.