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Congratulations to our new Superintendent Kaleb Fisher

Dear CGC Golfers,

We are excited to formally congratulate Kaleb Fisher on his promotion to the position of Golf Course Superintendent. Kaleb is already on the job. 

The Chilliwack Golf Club is “home” to Kaleb where he has now spent six years working for our facility, including five years in the Golf Shop. Kaleb takes a tremendous amount of pride, ownership and responsibility for providing a premium product to our members and guests.

“I would like to thank the membership and all the golfers at Chilliwack Golf Club for their continued support of my career goal of becoming a Golf Course Superintendent,” said Kaleb. “I’ve worked hard to prepare myself for this next step and could not be more satisfied to be at a golf course that means so much to me.” “I would also like to thank Duane Grosart for his support and encouragement over the past eight months.” 

Duane Grosart will remain on the Chilliwack GC Turf Care team through December 31, 2022. Duane is looking forward to stepping back from his role as Superintendent while he prepares for his official retirement at the end of next season. “I’ve truly enjoyed my time at CGC; the time is right, and I look forward to passing the torch on to the next generation. I have full confidence in Kaleb and look forward to seeing him continue to improve the course that means so much to me,” said Grosart. 

Duane will continue to work for the golf club in a reduced capacity role for the next 14 months cutting grass and providing assistance to Kaleb, if and when needed. 

Kaleb has a diverse background in the game of golf, where he has worked at several Fraser Valley golf courses and a top 100 golf course in Canada interning at Priddis Greens in the summer of 2020. He has risen through the ranks from washing golf clubs, shagging balls and cleaning carts to fulfilling a career goal of becoming a turfgrass agronomist. Kaleb is the only Superintendent in Canada who is both a member of the Canadian PGA and a Golf Course Superintendent. This combination, with his experience and background, will be a huge asset to our club and the way that Kaleb intends to maintain and set up the golf course for play each day.  

Kaleb will be tasked with several projects to improve our facility and the overall golf playability experience as he begins he tenure as Superintendent at Chilliwack GC. Details of his updated “winter greens program” will be released soon. 

Congratulations Kaleb; we look forward to watching you grow and developing your career at Chilliwack Golf Club!