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Chilliwack Golf Academy has a NEW Name!

Chilliwack Golf Academy has rebranded as Atlas Performance + Golf Academy at Chilliwack Golf Club.

The rebrand better encompasses all of our current offerings and those that we plan to bring to you moving forward:

  • We have a new look and a new website.
  • All emails have changed; Expect new email addresses from
  • We plan to send you a newsletter once a month with tips, discounts, upcoming classes, and clinics but you need to register!


Current Offerings:

  • Golf Lessons
  • Club Fittings
  • Physiotherapy
  • Personal Training
  • Virtual Golf

Upcoming Events:

  • Spring Break Camps
  • Intro to Golf Clinic
  • Spring Season Launch & BBQ
  • Ladies Only Clinic


Start Experiencing Membership Benefits at the Chilliwack Golf Club

We are sure we have something that is a fit for you! Membership has it's benefits including:

  • Superior Golf Course Conditions
  • Advanced Booking for Tee Times
  • Reduced Fees for Guests of Members
  • Member Golf Leagues and Events
  • World Class Practice Facilities
  • Reciprocal Rates at Other Golf Clubs

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Congratulations to our new Superintendent Kaleb Fisher

Dear CGC Golfers,

We are excited to formally congratulate Kaleb Fisher on his promotion to the position of Golf Course Superintendent. Kaleb is already on the job. 

The Chilliwack Golf Club is “home” to Kaleb where he has now spent six years working for our facility, including five years in the Golf Shop. Kaleb takes a tremendous amount of pride, ownership and responsibility for providing a premium product to our members and guests.

“I would like to thank the membership and all the golfers at Chilliwack Golf Club for their continued support of my career goal of becoming a Golf Course Superintendent,” said Kaleb. “I’ve worked hard to prepare myself for this next step and could not be more satisfied to be at a golf course that means so much to me.” “I would also like to thank Duane Grosart for his support and encouragement over the past eight months.” 

Duane Grosart will remain on the Chilliwack GC Turf Care team through December 31, 2022. Duane is looking forward to stepping back from his role as Superintendent while he prepares for his official retirement at the end of next season. “I’ve truly enjoyed my time at CGC; the time is right, and I look forward to passing the torch on to the next generation. I have full confidence in Kaleb and look forward to seeing him continue to improve the course that means so much to me,” said Grosart. 

Duane will continue to work for the golf club in a reduced capacity role for the next 14 months cutting grass and providing assistance to Kaleb, if and when needed. 

Kaleb has a diverse background in the game of golf, where he has worked at several Fraser Valley golf courses and a top 100 golf course in Canada interning at Priddis Greens in the summer of 2020. He has risen through the ranks from washing golf clubs, shagging balls and cleaning carts to fulfilling a career goal of becoming a turfgrass agronomist. Kaleb is the only Superintendent in Canada who is both a member of the Canadian PGA and a Golf Course Superintendent. This combination, with his experience and background, will be a huge asset to our club and the way that Kaleb intends to maintain and set up the golf course for play each day.  

Kaleb will be tasked with several projects to improve our facility and the overall golf playability experience as he begins he tenure as Superintendent at Chilliwack GC. Details of his updated “winter greens program” will be released soon. 

Congratulations Kaleb; we look forward to watching you grow and developing your career at Chilliwack Golf Club!

2nd Annual Amparo International Golf Tournament

As many of you may know our Chilliwack Golf Academy, Director of Instruction, Connor O'Dell has been involved with a humanitarian project in Nicaragua for the last couple of years. He works with a small team trying to build a school in the very impoverished community of Mango. Due to the remote location of Mango, getting equipment and supplies to continue the build is quite costly.

Thanks to the generous support of clients, friends, family, membership, staff, and the golf club we raised over $20,000 for this project last year, which directly contributed to progressing the first phase of the build.

This year Connor hopes to raise even more funds to advance this project and continue towards our goal of bringing education to the impoverished communities along the Kukarawala River in Nicaragua.

Consider this your (late notice) official invitation and opportunity to participate in the 2nd Annual Amparo International Golf Tournament.

Event Details:

Date: Friday, October 1, 2021
Time: 1pm shotgun start
Where: Chilliwack Golf Club
Format: 4-person scramble tournament
Base Price: starting at $600/per team

*Dinner, prizes, and silent auction to follow.

To register please CLICK HERE.

Your contribution, participation, and support is greatly appreciated. Space is limited so register soon if you would like to participate.

Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or need any more information.

Thank you for your time and consideration! We can’t wait to see you out there!

Connor O'Dell - PGA of Canada - BKin
Director of Instruction - Chilliwack Golf Academy
604-786-3274  |


Best Membership Offer of the Year

Pre-Pay your 2022 Full Play Dues and receive the rest of 2021 for free!

This offer is only available to the first 30 new members or until September 30, which ever comes first. Will you be one of our new 30 IN 30 members?




For further details on membership opportunities at Chilliwack Golf Club please contact:

Bryan Ewart, General Manager at

Ashley Martin, Membership Services at

Ryan Tofani, Head Golf Professional at

Be a Pace of Play Advocate

Fast play isn’t accomplished by hurrying. It is accomplished by simply not wasting time!

Slow rounds are a result of an accumulation of tiny time wasters. Strategies like parking your cart beside the green (while keeping all 4 tires on the cart path); bringing the rake into the bunker with you and entering the bunker close to your ball; avoiding story-telling and jokes on the tee with an open fairway ahead; getting ready to tee off and realizing you broke your tee on the previous hole and now you have to go back to the cart to get a new tee; waiting for the group in front of you to clear the green just in case you hit the shot of your lifetime.

If the average round of golf for a foursome takes approximately four hours to complete and each player in your group shoots 90, that is a total of 360 shots for the foursome. If you break down the round by time, a typical four hour round consists of 90 minutes of travel time from tee to green, 30 minutes for delays such as looking for lost balls, stopping at the bathroom, ordering from the concession or beverage cart and general housekeeping on the course. This leaves 120 minutes or 20 seconds per shot, for each player to prepare and hit a shot. This may not seem like enough time to plan and complete your shot, but it is plenty of time if you are ready to hit when it is your turn. 

It’s the little things in life that count!

If each player in your group takes an extra 10 seconds to plan and hit a shot, that’s 3600 seconds more – we now have a FIVE HOUR ROUND! 

How can you and your group contribute to fast–paced golf?

  • Before beginning your round, make sure you have enough tees in your pocket to play the round (two or three should do it), a ball marker and a green/divot repair tool.
  • Be aware of your position to the group in front and keep up with that group.
  • Be an advocate in your group for staying on pace and alert other players in your group if you feel your group is falling behind.
  • Be ready to play your shot and be prepared to hit out of sequence if a player is not ready or able to hit.
  • Don’t start a conversation on the tee if the fairway is open.  
  • Watch intently in case you or your playing partner hits an errant shot so you can easily identify a landmark when looking for the ball.
  • Don’t forget to carry a second ball with you so you won’t need to go back to your bag/cart for another ball if you hit your first ball in a hazard (or out of bounds) and need to re-tee or hit a provisional ball
  • Shorter hitters should hit as soon as the group ahead is out of their way, regardless of the honors.
  • Park your cart or place your bag in a position where the group behind you can hit to the green after your group walks off the green and it is on your way to the next tee.
  • Place your spare clubs on the green on the exit route to your golf cart or bag.
  • The first player to finish the hole is responsible for replacing the flag immediately upon completion of the hole.
  • Record your scores on the card on the way or at the next tee, not at the green.

Chilliwack Golf Club has established an achievable pace of play of 4 hours. Maintaining pace of play should not be the burden of our Players Assistants; the responsibility is yours and your playing partners! Players Assistants are here to remind golfers to catch up should they fall out of position. If you are asked to play from the 150-yard marker on the next hole or to skip a hole entirely it is a requirement, not an option. It’s not fair for one group to ruin the golf experience of every group behind them.

Chilliwack GC is making an effort to master the art of fast play. Do your part so that our golf course can become an advocate and leader for proper pace of play.

Fast play isn’t accomplished by hurrying, it is accomplished by simply not wasting time.  
Thank you,

Charles Emard
Chilliwack Golf Club | Players Assistant