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Chilliwack Golf Academy Welcomes Resident Physiotherapist

The Chilliwack Golf Academy is happy to welcome Jeff Rolland as our new, resident physiotherapist.

Jeff is an evidence-based physiotherapist bridging the gap between rehab and performance.

Jeff’s intent is to get people of all ages and activity levels moving again through the integration of physiotherapy with strength & conditioning principles. Utilizing a blend of manual therapy, intramuscular stimulation (IMS), and exercise Jeff will help you recover from any and all injuries.

Jeff implements a systematic approach to treating and training all his clients through:

-Detailed 1:1 assessments of mobility, strength, speed and power
-Objective measures that are constantly reassessed
-Individualized programming based on each client’s unique needs

Jeff has completed additional training in:

-Athletic Power Development
-Blood Flow Restriction Training
-Intramuscular Stimulation (IMS)
-Running Mechanics
-Sports Medicine
-Titleist Performance Institute Certified

Jeff's first day will be Saturday April 10 and we now have a fully functional physiotherapy room at the Academy.

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