Senior Men's Golf League

Every Thursday Morning Starting in April

The league is administered by a voluntary committee consisting of the Captain, Vice-Captain, Last years Captain, Treasurer, White Spot Cup coordinator, and the Interclub coordinator.  These individuals are identified below.

Play is each Thursday with tee times between 8:30 and 10:30, from April to early Oct. Roughly 28 play days. The cost to join is set annually by the committee. The one fee for the season includes an opening and closing lunch, plus money for the nominal prizes awarded each week.  Prizes are pro shop credits against purchases. They range from $2 - $6 each week.  The golf shop credits are updated approximately every 2 months.  Winners are notified weekly following the play day.

League members (age 55+) are asked weekly if they wish to golf in the league on the upcoming Thursday. This request is by email and generally goes out the Friday prior. Changes must be funneled through the captain, not the pro shop.

A variety of games are played during the season.  Foursomes, and tee times, are determined by the captain each week.  There will be a mix of team events where you cannot post your score on Golf Canada, and some where you can. There will also be individual type rounds. During the season, each participant is awarded points for every round played based on individual performance. This also applies to team and match play events, not just individual.  These points are accumulated and go toward the White Spot cup competition.

This is modelled after the PGA tour Fedex cup competition.  The top 20 in the competition receive a White spot gift card ($25).  There is 2-day playoff event for the top 30 golfers at the end of Aug.

League members can participate in a number Interclub competitions. This involves a match between Chilliwack golf club and another local area club.  Sixteen golfers from each club play a four-ball match. Once at each club. Two partners from each club compete directly with the partners from the other club. The lowest net score from each pair is used to determine the winner of the hole.

Points are awarded, one for the winner of each of the nine holes and a point for the overall winner (max 3). After the round the host club member pays for the lunch and beer for the visiting member they played with. There is no green fee cost when you visit the other club.

Towards the end of the season there is a 2-day competition for the Senior Men’s and Super Senior Men’s championship. The winners get a plaque and bragging rights.

Senior Men's Schedule 2024

Opening Day: April 4th

Opening Luncheon: May 2nd

White Spot Cup: August 22nd & August 29th

Senior Championship: September 12th & September 19th

Closing Luncheon: October 3rd

Senior Men's Club Executive

Senior Men's Captain

John Wiebe
604.997.0171 I

Senior Men's Vice Captain

Ian Black
604.888.4653 |

Senior Men's Past Captain

Doug Mawer
604.705.1822 |


Bob Ramsbottom
604.392.4400 |

Interclub Coordinator

Gary Bushby
604.316.6801 |

White Spot Cup

Les Flewelling
604.358.1237 |




Each year a few of our Senior Men's members organize Interclub matches for us. These are match play events involving a round of golf at our HOME club and at the AWAY club. Typically sixteen members from each club participate. Twosomes from each club play Four Ball matches and enjoy lunch and comraderie afterwards.

Sign-up lists will be posted on the Senior Men's bulletin board in the Men's Locker Room.

Home Match: September 14th
Away Match: September 18th

Home Match: June 29th
Away Match: June 22nd
Home Match: July 13th
Away Match: July 17th