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Meet: Victor Ewert

Do your golf "buddies" have a nickname for you, what is it?
No, not that I know of.

What year did you join Chilliwack Golf Club?

What is your career best score at Chilliwack Golf Club, what tee box were you playing and who were you playing with?
My best score was a 78 from the blue tees, playing with same old guys.

How many holes-in-one have you recorded?

What is your favorite golf club in your bag and why?
Five wood, straighter than most.

Which hole at Chilliwack Golf Club is your favorite and why?
Hole #12, great view of Cheam range

Other than Chilliwack Golf Club, what is your favorite golf course you've ever played and why?
Kauai because of great ocean views and is was only $8.

If you could only play one more round of golf and you could pick anyone to play with (alive or deceased) where would you play and who would you play with?
With grandsons at Sandpiper

Who is your favorite "on-tour" professional golfer?
Payne Stewart, classy guy all around.

What is your most memorable round of golf and why?
A round at Acquadel when my son had a hole in one (on the fly).

What is your favorite golf joke or golf saying?
You’re not good enough to get mad.

Any other interesting golf stories you would like to add?
When my buddy’s golf cart got out of range for his remote on hole 12 ,it headed right into the water. End of game!

Thank You Victor for sharing some golf moments with us, and for being a member at Chilliwack Golf Club since 1995!

Player Assistants Help You Enjoy Your Round!

Happy New Year to all! We hope you are staying safe, healthy and enjoying some fresh air with some golf.

Last year, Chilliwack Golf Club implemented a Player Assistant / Starter role to ensure that every golfer could enjoy their round.

The feedback from Members and Guest golfers was very positive even though 2020 was a very unique pandemic year and rounds of golf soared. The 2021 golf season is looking to be more of the same.

This year, we anticipate another season of great golf and friends getting together and enjoying everything that Chilliwack Golf Club offers.

The ability to play eighteen holes in four hours or less and to walk the round makes Chilliwack a highly sought after course.

We are looking to build on last year's success and make 2021 an even better season, so we are looking for volunteers interested in the Player Assistant/ Starter position for the upcoming golf season.

If you are interested or know anyone interested, please contact Lance Viney by email.

The volunteer position is open to Members and Non-Members.